Sir John Paston's Household 1469 - 1471

The group was founded as The Pastons in 1997 by Steve Churchill and Paul Robertshaw (who tragically died after a very short illness). Their aim was to develop a high quality military 15th Century Living History group using source material from the "Paston Letters". The aim was to recreate John Paston III's soldiers that defended Caister Castle in 1469 and took park in the Battle of Barnet in 1471. 

A Young noble, carries the heavy burden, photograph courtesy of the very talleted photographer, Russell Cobb.

Above; The men of the household mobilise. Below; The Carver prepares food for the high table

The group is based around his household men, that is servants and employees of John Paston and other members of his family. Although the family's allegiance varied during the period of 'The Wars of the Roses' we mainly support the Lancastrian cause. However, we are flexible enough to become Yorkists when required, for instance when taking part in larger battle re-enactments, and most members have a Paston and Edward IV livery. As full members of Livery and Maintainance (the umbrella organisation bringing 15th century groups together) we are able to contribute to large events. 

We take pride in our strivings for authenticity and expect a high standard of kit and 15th century behaviour.