Basic Requirements

The civilian dress of individuals should be basic but well made. Their master as part of their wages would supply servants of the family with their clothes or the materials to make them with. As the Paston’s where a wealth family they would, it is reasonable to assume display their status by having their servants clothed with good quality and functional clothing. Good quality meaning well made, and of good quality cloth, not meaning of high fashion reserved by law to the upper classes. 

Basic Dress should be; 

Linens, shirt and brais

Base Layer, doublet and hose

Top layer,  coat or gown

head, hat, no coif unless you are under 4 or of a certain proffesion that requires one)

Feet, a good pair of turn shoes

you should also have the following

a belt with period buckles and stape ends, a dagger, eating knife, spoon and a bowl 

As most of our members are portraying common soldiers the amount of plate harness is limited. Each person should aim to achieve the minimum standard of the commission of array, that is 

A Sallet

Sleeved Jack or padded defence

Sword (with scabbard)


Pole weapon (see data from studies on types and popularity)


The livery coats are red with a blue griffin


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Costume Guide


Note: we have not produced a costume guide, as the Company of Saint George have created a excerlent guide

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