The encampment

a beautiful linen Pavilion tent, housing our Man at Arms
A tent for a number of soliders in use at Warwick

We can provide a fully habitable encampment for events, and whilst many soilders may not have had the luxury of tents, we can provide an insite into what a late 15th Century encampment may have looked like, all our items used have relevant sources and we strive to use them as we learn how out counterparts would have coped with life away from home.

The encampment consists of a number of tents portraying various levels of status, inlcuding a linen pavilion tent, as well as a fully useable facilities for cooking

We also have a modern fire tray, in order to raise the cooking fire off the ground, this is inkeeping with the spirt of the encampment, but is neccersary to meet the requirements of the hosting properties, preventing ground damage.

The Paston's at Warwick Castle, April 2014